Sunday, March 2, 2014

Easter Decor

Adorable Minions made from Easter eggs!  See more party ideas at!\\

Easter Bunny door wreath. I have to try this. Grapevine wreaths, tiny white silk flowers and pink ribbon.

Bunny Butt Pancakes...easy and so cute for Easter morning!  |  The Chick n' Coop\

Peeps and #Flower Arrangement|

...the lowly paper plate, once again, rises to the occasion... it's Peter Rabbit Paper Plate!

Button Easter Bunny  Easter Decoration  Spring by AWorkofHeartSA, $55.00 I bet if i make it myself it'd be cheaper...

Easter Bunny Racecars Tons of super fun Party Ideas @ !

Cinnabunnies - will try this for Easter.  Will substitute choco chips for the raisins.

Jelly bean candles were the perfect decoration.      Random Tip: when the wax melts and becomes one with the jelly beans, place the whole container in the freezer for 5 minutes. Everything will pop right out for easy clean up!

This wouldn't be a bad idea if the yellow 'chicks' inside were made from deviled egg yolk.  I'm trying to think of what you could use for the eyes and beak though...

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